Ana SayfaAMİGURUMİAmigurumi Baby Yan Free Crochet Pattern

Amigurumi Baby Yan Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi knitting lovers.
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, every day we share new free amigurumi patterns. crochet masters, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys , amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Baby Yan Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


2.5mm crochet hook
3mm crochet hook
Stitch marker Filler Scissors
hot glue (thick)
Amigurumi thread
Soft Amigurumi thread
Açucena thread (Liz’s hair)
Safety eyes (9mm)
Joint (9mm) or safety eye (7mm )
Clown nose 11mm
Glasses for amigurumi
Tapestry needle
Embroidery threads
Velcro /craft glue
Buttons /blush

C: row
AM: magic ring
ch: chain sl st: slip stitch
dc: single crochet
dc: double crochet hdc
half double crochet
BLO: weave taking only the back loop
(back loop only)
FLO: weave taking only the front loop
(front loop only)
BPSC: weave taking the third loop: see
photos below


ponto importante (bpsc – back post single crochet)

Every time it appears in the recipe to weave taking the third
loop, do as shown in the photos. It is neither the front loop used
in the FLO nor the back loop used in the FLO, it is a third loop
located behind the stitch.

arms (make 2)

Amigurumi yarn in color: (7563).
Only put a little padding in the first part, hand and
forearm. Once the joint is made, do not add filler.
C1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
C2: 6inc (12)
C3: (1sc, 1dec)* 4 (8)
C4 to 11: 8sc (8). Add the filling.
C12: 4dec (4)
C13: 4inc (8)
C14 to 21: 8sc (8)
The arms can be attached to the body in two ways, using
articulation (or safety eyes) or sewn. If you choose to
use the joint, leave the pieces open and attach to the body
when indicated. If you choose to sew it to the body, close it with
an inverted magic ring so that it is rounded, or join the
sides and sew it to the body.

articulated body and head


Amigurumi yarn in colors: (7563) for the skin; (8176) off white
Make 15ch and from the second chain do:
C1: 1inc, 12sc, 4sc in the same stitch, 12sc, 1inc (along
with the first increase) (32)
C2: 2inc, 12sc, 4inc, 12sc, 2inc (40)
C3 to 6: 40sc (40)
C7: (6sc, 1dec)* 5 (35)
Change to the color chosen for the skin.
C8: 35sc in BLO (35)
C9: 35sc (35)
C10: (5sc, 1dec)* 5 (30)
C11 to 15: 30sc (30)
Place the filling, marking the center with your finger,
where we will place the stick of hot glue to support
the neck.
C16: (3dec, 9sc)* 2 (24)
C17: (3dec, 6sc)* 2 (18)Let’s put our arms together. Place the joint (9mm), or
safety eye (7mm) on the arm, between rows 19 and 20. Attach
to the side of the body between rows 15 and 16. Close the arms
with the magic ring inverted. Put more padding in the body


(mark the place for the glue stick with your finger in the center) and
continue weaving the body.

C18: 2dec, 3sc, 3dec, 3sc, 1dec (12)
C19 to 22: 12sc (12)
C23: 12inc (24)
C24 to 26: 24sc (24)
Place the hot glue stick inside the body until the end
of this step (approx 7cm). Place some stuffing in the
neck, around the stick (do this gently so as not to
open the neck stitches, a felting needle can help).
Add the rest of the filling as you
C27: (2sc, 1dec)* 6 (18)
C28: (1sc, 1dec)* 6 (12)
C29: 6dec (6)
Close with inverted magic ring.

second part of the head

C1: 6sc in magic ring (6)
C2: 6inc (12)
C3: (1sc, 1inc)* 6 (18)
C4: (2sc, 1inc)* 6 (24)
C5: (3sc, 1inc)* 6 (30 )
C6 to 8: 30sc (30)
C9: (3sc, 1dec)* 6 (24)
C10: (2sc, 1dec)* 6 (18)
Fit this part into the neck and continue working.
C11: 18sc (18)
C12: (1sc, 1dec)* 6 (12)
Fasten off, but do not sew at the neck.
Fasten the new thread and work on the other “side”, so that the head
does not have stitches on the wrong side.

C13: 12aum (24)
C14: (3pb, 1aum)* 6 (30)
C15: 2pb, 1aum (4pb, 1aum)* 5, 2pb (36)
C16: (5pb, 1aum)* 6 (42)
C17: 3pb, 1aum, (6pb, 1aum)* 5, 3pb (48)
C18: (7pb, 1aum)* 6 (54)
C19 a 29: 54pb (54)

Place the eyes (9mm) between rows 25 and 26, with 8 sts
between them.
Row 30: (7sc + 1dec)* 6 (48)
C31: 3sc, 1dec, (6sc, 1dec)* 5, 3sc (42)
C32: (5sc, 1dec)* 6 (36)
C33: 2sc, 1dec, ( 4sc, 1dec)* 5, 2sc (30)
C34: (3sc, 1dec)* 6 (24)
C35: 1sc, 1dec, (2sc, 1dec)* 5, 1sc (18)
C36: (1sc, 1dec)* 6 (12)
C37: 6dim (6)
Close with inverted magic ring

legs (make 2)

Amigurumi yarn in colors: (8176) and (7563)
Add filling little by little. Do not fill the
last 4 rows.
In off white
Make 5 ch
C1: from the second ch do 1inc, 2sc, 4sc in the same
stitch, 2sc, 1inc (in the same place as the first AUM). (12) The
piece will be oval. Work in a circular manner.
C2: 2inc, 2sc, 4inc, 2sc, 2inc (20)
C3: 20sc in the third loop (BPSC) (20)

C4: 6sc, 4dec, 6sc (16)
C5: 4sc, 4dec, 4sc (12)
C6: 4sc, 2dec, 4sc (10)
C7 to 11: 10sc (10)
C12: 2sc (off White), in BLO 8sc ( skin) (10)
Continue with skin color
C13: (in BLO only these 2 sts) 2sc, 8sc (10)

C14 a16: 10pb (10)
C17: (3pb, 1dim)* 2 (8)
C18: 4dim (4)
C19: 4aum (8)
C20: (3pb, 1aum)* 2 (10)
C21 a 34: 10pb (10)

Sew the legs on row 1 of the body, with 2 stitches
between them. I didn’t bring the sides of the leg together to
sew, I prefer to sew all 10 stitches of the leg


Make 3 sc in the magic ring (3)
Sew on rows 23 and
24, approximately
7 sts away from the eyes


Don’t stitch too tightly.
Amigurumi yarn in color (7567).
Do 5 runs.
C1: from the second ch do 1inc, 2sc, 4sc in the same
stitch, 2sc, 1inc (in the same place as the first inc). (12)
The piece will be oval. Work in a circular manner.
C2: 2inc, 2sc, 4inc, 2sc, 2inc (20)
C3: 3inc, 4sc, 6inc, 4sc, 3inc (32)
C4: 32sc taking the third loop (BPSC) (32) C5:
10sc, 6dec, 10sc (26 )
C6: 1dec, 5sc, 6dec, 5sc, 1dec (18)
C7: 6sc, 3dec, 6sc. Remove the marker and weave another 5 sc. Make 1
chain, turn the work, and continue working in flat crochet.
C8 to 15: 10 sc, 1 ch and turn. (10)

“tongue” or “tongue” of the boot

We will weave the “tongue” of the boot using the remaining 5 sts from the
base and one more stitch on each side (along with the side of the “shaft”
of the boot. (first photo).
C1 to 6: 7sc (7). Make 1 chain , turn the work, and continue working in
flat crochet. Finish off.
For the laces, use a single thread to tie. I used Amigurumi thread
in mustard color.
With the boot ready, fold the sides outwards


Amigurumi Soft yarn in color (4004)
Cut yarns twice the desired size.
In the video, I used different colored threads to better visualize
the placement process.


After the hair is applied: if
only 1 single strand is
pulled very tightly, it
may come loose, as this
technique is done without any
type of knot. Evaluate your audience
and the objective of the amigurimi
before choosing the technique.
My children (3 and 7 years old)
played freely and this
did not happen.


Amigurumi yarn in color (5745).
C1: 29ch, return making 28sc (28). Make 1 chain, turn the work, and
continue working in flat crochet.
C2: 5sc, 5ch, skip 5 sts from the base, 8sc, 5ch, skip 5sts from the base,
5sc (18). Turn.
C3: 5sc, 5sc in ch, 8sc, 5sc in ch, 5sc (28). Turn
C4: (6sc, 1inc)x 4 (32). Turn.
C5: (7sc, 1inc)x 4 (36). Turn.
C6: (5sc, 1inc)x 6 (42). Turn.
C7: 42sc (42)
In the next row, start in the first stitch of the previous row,
now we will work in a circular fashionC8 to 17: 42sc (42)
At the end of row 17, weave another 2sc so that the row ends
in the middle of the piece. Place the marker at the last point.
C18: 21sc (21) Knit only these 21 sts and stop. On the next
row, continue working circularly over the first stitch of that
row, forming the circle to form a leg.
C19 to 22: 21sc (21)
C23: 21scx (21)
Cast offAttach the thread to the front of the jumpsuit, at the point next to the
finished leg as shown in the photo and repeat rows 18 to 22
to form the second leg.
Sew the middle of the legs to close the space if
C1: do 5 ch and come back weaving 4 sc (4) turn
C2 and 3: 1 ch, 4 sc (4)
Outline the entire piece with sc, making increases in the corners.


On the back you can put a piece of velcro or
button. In this photo, a strap was made and a mini
button was added. Also place mini buttons on the front and embroider
details in brown on the pockets and below the chest.For the eyes, use brown and white thread to embroider the details. On the
butt, sew a heart button. Use black thread to
sew the glasses to the face. Embroider the nose with the same thread used
to weave the body, and if you want, you can also embroider a navel
just above the underwear.


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