Ana SayfaAMİGURUMİAmigurumi Green's Daughter Mom

Amigurumi Green’s Daughter Mom

Amigurumi Anne With An E Recipe

His famous sentence is my name is Anne With, but it is written with an e. Let’s not forget the red hair, the hat. Seeing beauty in every bad thing, his energy is one of his other features. The girl, who is interesting at first with her red hair, later becomes their favourite. This is how the series starts. It progresses well. Series adapted from the book. Today, we are knitting Anne With in amigurumi models . Amigurumi green’s daughter Anne. She is a small baby. You can knit larger by increasing the number of rounds.

We will need yarns such as nude yarn, orange yarn, beige yarn, green, cream, brown. We will also use crochet and fiber compatible with our yarn. Then we will start knitting the girl in green from the step-by-step video.




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