Ana SayfaAMİGURUMİAmigurumi, Velvet Rope Teddy Bear Making

Amigurumi, Velvet Rope Teddy Bear Making

We continue with the amigurumi toy models. Now we have prepared a nice teddy bear recipe. The easy-to-knit stance is a perfect amigurumi for those who like large-sized knitted toy models.We have prepared the recipe as a video. You can also access the detailed construction from the link in the source section. You can also knit the same toy with different yarns.But the dimensions of the toy will vary. We shared how to choose rope in amigurumi, what are the amigurumi techniques, how to make a magic ring.If you are going to make amigurumi for the first time, you can review our articles first. You can also find how to make an amigurumi photo shoot among our articles. Then you can review the free amigurumi recipes and start knitting by starting from the easy models.Velvet ropes are used a lot in toys. Velvet rope amigurumi lamb recipe is one of the cute models you will want to knit. You may also like the amigurumi rabbit recipe with velvet thread.A wonderful rabbit with long ears. Now it’s time to make a teddy bear from amigurumi velvet rope. You can knit cute toys with the color velvet threads of your choice.

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