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Crochet Granny Square Motif Master Class


The best yarn to use for this specific granny square motif is 50 grams/ 169m /185 yards of mercerized cotton yarns and a size 2.7mm or C/2 in USA size or 12 in Canada/UK size. To make the gorgeous colorful circles inside the squares, you must start with a magic ring and continue with single and double crochet techniques.

This crochet granny square motif pattern is an iconic and popular motif in crochet. It is one in which you can incorporate as many unique styles, colors, and stitches as you can. Even just a small tweak in the basic crochet square makes all the difference to the product.

Uses of Crochet Granny Square Motif

These gorgeous crochet granny square motifs make a classic gift for any celebrated occasion. You follow this same pattern as in the tutorial and make twelve petal flowers in the center of an england square pattern. Or you can pursue a few of the many creative ideas described below!

For a baby shower occasion or a first birthday celebration, you can make a crochet monkey pattern granny square motif. For the holidays, you can make a granny square pattern that incorporates ornamental designs for christmas.

You can make a tree, or snowflakes, or simply keep this original design. Change the color of the flower into a bright red to resemble those beautiful holiday poinsettia flowers.

You can even make a granny square motif pattern shawl, scarf, or blanket! Take four of your completed square patterns and stitch them together! This design works out great for lightweight and lacy pattern, as it was inspired by the art of paper cutting craft, originating in Mexico.


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