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Crochet Summer Knitting Slippers Making

How to Knit Crochet Summer Slippers?

We will watch the making of the slipper step by step. You can knit the slippers with the round motifs you like. You can learn about round motifs by examining crochet motif schemes and motif models . There are very beautiful examples such as the African violet and the sunlight motif.

YarnArt begonia was used as yarn in the making of the slipper . 100% mercerized cotton thread.

Crochet Summer Knitting Slippers MakingCrochet Summer Knitting Slippers Making 1

We knit a piece with a round motif with two ears. Then we assemble these parts on the base and turn them into slippers. It turns out a very nice model. Finally, let’s go to the video and learn how to make crochet summer slippers.


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