Hey guys!  I’m back with another fun and easy DIY.  If you are interested in making a knot pillow, I broke down the steps in a picture tutorial below. So far I’ve made two pillows and each took me roughly around 30 mins to make.  These knot pillows are not only great for your own home decor, but they would also be the perfect hostess or house warming gift.  Put a tag on it and handwrite, “made with love”.

Before we start, I want to show off the two pillows I made.  Can you tell I’m super proud of them?! lol! The coral pink pillow I styled in my office/guest room…


  • Stretchy fabric (60 inch long and 15 inch wide)
  • Polyester stuffing (8oz approx.)
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll
  • Dowel or smaller wrapping paper roll
  • Hot glue Gun or fabric glue or sewing machine
  • Glue sticks (5 approx.)

Cute one long strip from your fabric.  60″ long and 7″ wide

Fold fabric in half to make a long tube (pattern or “good-side” in).  Use a glue gun (or fabric glue or sewing machine) to attach the two open ends of the fabric together. Close one end of the long tube.  (As you see in the picture below I went with a glue gun.  Fastest and easiest way!)

Take the open end of the fabric and thread it through the paper towel roll.

When you get all of the fabric into the paper towel roll, take the open end of fabric and wrap it around the end.  We are now going to turn the fabric inside out! Start pulling the fabric down until you can’t anymore because it’s completely turned inside out and you see the end of the fabric.  Make sure to keep all the fabric on the paper towel roll.  Flip it to the other end/open end to start with the filling.

Stuff the polyester filling into the paper towel roll (small amounts at a time).  Use a dowel or in my case, I used a smaller wrapping paper roll, to help push the stuffing down to the bottom.  When the fabric gets filled you will notice it will slowly slip off the paper towel roll.  You continue to do this until your whole fabric tube is filled with stuffing. When you get to the end, you can close it by wrapping the ends like a present. Use the glue gun to keep in place.

Repeat ALL the steps again to make two full tubes!

Here comes the hardest part of the whole project!  It took me a few times to get it, so don’t get discouraged on the first try. Here’s a diagram I found online that helped me form the first knot! I also did a step by step knot tutorial below.

Start by using one fabric tube to make the first knot.

I’m missing one little tiny step that might help you link that last picture to the first picture of this next collage. So take that end you were working with and weave it over the part that it’s half over in the picture and then weave under that last hole and pull through.  It should look like the first picture below (the knot is just rotated a quarter turn to the left in the pic).  If you notice, I have one end that is longer than the other.  I just adjusted it to make the knot more centre, as seen in the next picture beside it.  The first knot is now complete.  Take the second fabric tube and weave it following along side the the first knot that you made. You will slowly start to see the knot form into a ball.

When you get to the end, tuck the ends inside.  If you want more of a secure finish, you can glue or sew the four ends together and hide it on the inside.  That is totally optional though.  Mine held out fine with just tucking the ends in.

Please leave a comment below if you are stuck on any step and I will gladly give you some guidance.  Also I would love to see your completed DIY knot pillow, so please send me a picture to share!

Happy DIY-ing!


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