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Santa Claus decoration

Decorazione Babbo Natale

Making merry Christmas puppets to use as decorations for the tree or for your Christmas packages will be fun by following this tutorial!


Red patterned cloth, 1.5 mm thick
Beige felt, 3 mm thick
Washable marker for fabric
Hot glue gun
Ribbons and decorative lace
Synthetic wadding
White pom pom of about 1 cm in diameter Pins White and red embroidery thread
Needles sewing Red and white cord Rectangle of cardboard, meas. 8 cm x 20 cm White wool White cotton ball, 2 cm diameter Flesh pink acrylic color Synthetic flat brush, mis. 12


Photo 1 Trace the conical pattern on the red cloth (length of the radius 14 cm) using the washable marker for fabric. Cut out the traced cone with the scissors.

Photo 2 With a needle and white thread, sew the lace along the curved edge of the red cloth.

Photo 3 Fold the red cloth cone in half, blocking it with pins and keeping the lace inwards. With a needle and red thread, sew the two straight sides of the shape together

Photo 4 Turn the hat inside out and glue the white pom pom on the tip. Fold the hat in half and secure it with a dab of hot glue

Photo 5 Make a loop with the red and white string and a bow with a decorative ribbon. Secure them both to the top of the hat with hot glue. Stuff the hat with synthetic wadding

Photo 6 Wrap the white wool around the piece of cardboard 20 times

Photo 7  Remove the skein of wool from the cardboard and tie it in the center with a piece of red and white string about 25 – 30 cm long. Cut the two ends of the wool skein with scissors

Photo 8 Fold the skein in half and insert it into the hat, fixing it with hot glue

Photo 9 Using the washable marker for fabric, trace the pattern of the shoe 4 times on the beige felt and cut out the shapes

Photo 10 Adjust the length of the two strings so that they protrude from the beard by about 3 – 4 cm. Glue the shoes to the ends of the strings, as shown in the photo

Photo 11 With a needle and red thread, sew the shoes two by two with buttonhole stitch

Photo 12 Paint the white cotton ball with flesh pink acrylic color and let it dry. Glue the ball just below the edge of the hat, to simulate Santa’s big nose

And here are your decorative Santa Clauses ready to give as gifts, to use as decorations for your Christmas tree or to use as decorations for Christmas packages!

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