Ana SayfaAMİGURUMİAmigurumi Knitting Elephant making

Amigurumi Knitting Elephant making

Hello everyone, I wanted to relieve the longing for each other with the amigurumi boy and girl elephant recipe. I haven’t been able to enter amigurumi toy recipes on the site and application for a long time, I couldn’t spare much time when I say work force. During this time, I did not stay idle and collected many recipes for you. In this article, I have brought you a very sweet amigurumi boy and girl elephant recipe. When you see the images, I am sure you will want to supply the materials immediately. It is not a very detailed toy, you can easily knit it.The model of the elephant family has been translated into Turkish by tugbadesing from a foreign source. I would like to thank my dear Tuğba for sharing this beautiful recipe with us. You can follow She on Instagram @tugbadesing and see what she’s doing. You can follow us on social media to be aware of the amigurumi toy recipes we have prepared for you and to support us. We have added our addresses below so that you can find us more easily on social media.start with gray 1.) 6x 2.) 6v (12) 3.)(3x.v)*3(15) 4.)15x(Blo knit) 5/6) 15x Switch to Red, 7/16) Combine 15x legs with 3x. 17.)36x 18/23)36x Switch to white, 24.)36x (Blo knit) 25/26)36x 27.) (4x.a)*6(30) 28/29)30x 30.)(3x.a)*6(24) 31/32)24x 33.)(2x.a)*6(18) 34/35)18x Knit the 24th row blo (36X) Adjust the straps so that the back is crossedGirl Elephant Legs and Trunk Recipe start with gray 1.) 6x 2.) 6v 12 3.)(3x.v)*3 15 4.)15x (Blo knit) 5/16) 15x Join the legs with 3 x. 17/18) 36x Switch to Red, 19/20) 36x 21/22) 36x(knit 2 rows of blocks) 23/26) 36x 27.) (4x.a)*6(30) 28/29) 30x 30.)(3x.a)*6( 24) 31/32) 24x 33.)(2x.a)*6(18) 34/35)18XSkirt Recipe Knit into blocks in rows 21 and 22 1.) 3 min. Two bats on one sc (72dc) 2.) 3ch. (72dc) 3.)1ch.(72x)

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