Ana SayfaDIYSpring wreath

Spring wreath

Spring wreath

Let’s welcome the arrival of the beautiful season with a garland that smells fresh and puts you in a good mood.

Necessary material:

  • Dark wicker wreath
  • 1mm felt sheets in different colors (light pink, medium pink, orange, light green and medium green)
  • Wooden birdhouse
  • Branches of fake flowers and fake berries
  • Decorative bird
  • Wooden nameplate
  • Green raffia and pink ribbon
  • Acrylic paints: white, light pink, medium pink, orange, dark brown
  • Transfer Gel and print on paper of the writing WELCOME (mirrored)
  • Soft flat brush and primer brush
  • Skewer pick
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Medium grit sandpaper

Method:Wreath 1

Load the primer brush with a little white acrylic colour, unload it on a piece of paper and rub it on the garland, so as to patina it with a light and inhomogeneous layer of colour.Garland 2

To make the flowers, cut strips of felt about 4.5 cm wide and of different lengths (the longer they are, the bigger the flowers will be). Fold them in half widthwise and secure them with hot glue. With the scissors, make vertical cuts about 0.5 cm apart along the entire length of the strip. The cuts should be made along the side of the crease and should not extend all the way to the opposite end. Roll up the strip thus worked and fix it on the back with hot glue.Garland 3

To make the shaded roses, cut three felt discs of different colors and sizes. Then cut the spiral discs as in the photo.Garland 4Wreath 4-2

Starting from the pointed end, begin to roll up the smallest spiral, gradually add the other colors, fixing them little by little with dots of hot glue. Weld the last spiral to the back of the rose with hot glue.Garland 5

With felt in different shades of green, make some leaves.wreath 6Wreath 6-2

Paint the birdhouse with light pink and orange acrylic paints. Leave to dry and sand the surface in order to wear it out slightly. Dip a toothpick in medium pink and make polka dots on the house.Garland 7

Paint the wooden plate dark brown and leave to dry. Load the primer brush with a little white acrylic color, unload it on a piece of paper and rub it on the plate, in order to leave a light and uneven layer of color. Let dry and sand lightly.Wreath 8Wreath 8-2

Print and cut out the lettering leaving a small margin. On the printed part of the card, apply a uniform coat of Transfer Gel and adhere the card to the tag. Leave to dry well (about an hour). Wet the back of the applied paper with water, using a brush. With light movements, rub with your fingertips to remove the white paper leaving only the transferred image on the surface.Garland 9Wreath 9-2

With hot glue, start attaching the fake flower branches to the garland. Then add all the other elements: the leaves, the roses and the felt flowers, the house with the fake bird, the bow above the house and the fake berries.Garland 10

Braid the raffia to make it strong and knot it at the back of the garland so you can hang it. With hot glue, attach the tag to the raffia.


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